Chinese Teahouse

For all reservations, please call 01603 490889

  • Due to a current shortage of staffing, certain group sizes may apply per any given day/time-slot, thus please do call us with your enquiry.

Lunch Service Bookings:  12-2pm last bookings/walk-ins.

(close by 3.30pm)

Dinner Service Bookings:  5pm – 10pm (5.30pm for dine-in).  Last dine-in bookings/walk-ins may vary on different days, thus please do call ahead to enquire.

* We kindly ask customers to vacate the premises 20 minutes after closing*

*please note the following:

  • Should you wish to be seated on a certain table or position within the restaurant, then please inform the staff taking your reservation and they will make note of it. However, we cannot always guarantee special table requests as it all depends on the bookings on the night.
  • [PRE COVID-19].  We generally allow for a 2 hour slot for 1-3 persons bookings, 2.5 hours for 4-9 persons and up to 3 hour slots for 10+ perons.
  • Should your reservation change in numbers, please call to let us know as we can then set your table up accordingly. If you are running late then please also call to let us know as we can only hold a table for a maximum of 10-15 minutes.
  • [PRE COVID-19].  For group bookings of 10+ persons, we shall require a non-refundable £5 cash or card deposit PER HEAD in order to secure your reservation. We shall also require a pre-order to be arranged (please see ‘pre-order’ section for a more in-depth guidance).


**Deposits are deducted from the final bill on the night UNLESS your numbers should suddenly fall by multiples of two without written notice via EMAIL at least 3 days prior as you can appreciate the table could be used for other reservations. E.g. 2 people not turning up, we would retain £10 of the deposit, 4 people £20, 6 people £30 and so on…