Chinese Teahouse

What is Dim-Sum?

Dim-Sum, meaning ‘to touch the heart’, originates from the Canton region of China / Hong-Kong and is mostly steamed and served in small bamboo baskets; traditionally enjoyed as an morning/afternoon delight with family and friends.

All of Baby Buddha’s Dim Sum is hand-made on site by their skilled chefs, creating an exclusive dining experience in the heart of Norwich.


The story of Dim-Sum began in teahouses of the Canton (now Guandong) province over a thousand years ago. Tired, thirsty and hungry travellers and farmers along the Old Silk Road would gather at teahouses to suppress their hunger and thirst with a selection of small savoury and sweet delicacies.

Chinese tea usually accompanied the food as it this was believed to aid digestion. Over many years this evolved into a tradition as a weekend family day known as yum cha “to drink tea” where family could enjoy food with each other.