Chinese Teahouse

We understand that arranging pre-orders can be a hassle and a little daunting for organisers, but we are here to help.

Please follow the step-by-step guidelines/questions below, which will guide you though our pre-order process and help you understand the amount of food required:

  • step 1: Have you called us to check availability and made a provisional booking?
  • step 2: Have you confirmed your booking and made a £5 per head deposit? (see payments)
  • step 3: Have you asked your group whether there are any dietary requirements and/or preferences in dishes they’d like to include?
  • step 4: Will you have a one, two or three course meal?
  • step 5: Highly recommended starter options for large groups are the S7 & S8 dimsum / deepfried platters and / or crispy aromatic duck are great sharers. Each platter is designed for 2 people but can be made for 3. 1/4 crispy duck (6 pancakes) will generally serves 2 people, 1/2 duck (12 pancakes) serves 3-4 people and a whole crispy duck (24 pancakes) generally services 7-8 people. Some groups like to have either or of the dim-sum / deepfried platters to have all round, others prefer a combination of both platters (not mixed) and some may even prefer just to have crispy duck all round. For the very hungry and adventurous groups, they may like to have platters to start, then crispy duck as a 2nd course before their main course meal!
  • step 6: Main dishes: to fully experience the Chinese way of eating, especially within large groups, instead of all X-amount of people with their own individual main dish selection, you want to opt for less dish choice but increase the portion size so that everyone can have a taste of a bit of everything. What usually happens in Chinese restaurants is that there are set-menus to choose from, but what normally happens is that people just end up changing it anyway. Thus all our ‘set-menu-like’ pre-orders are bespoke to suit your tastes!
  • step 7: Now take a look at our online MAIN MENU.
  • step 8: Any pre-orders can be emailed through to us at:
    Please state booking details when emailing, i.e. name, contact details, date, time, number of people etc…